lundi 20 avril 2015

Big up miracle key but???

I am really impressed by the work your doing miracle staff,we have really appreciated the 4 years service you provided to us..But my sincere wish to the manager and programmers instead of buying a dongle it would be very easy and reliable to everyone around the world to access this tool if it was only an online activation

As one of the miracle addict living in yemen i had always been looking forward for a tool that can read write unlock etc qualcomm chips because most of the phones here are qualcomm than spd and mtk..We dont have any distributor in yemen and with current clashes i cant buy the dongle.

I think i am not alone and also it would be easy and speedly selling system to the miracle owners plus cutting cost in materials using to make the dongle..

Please i am humbly requesting for an online activation from the staff, and sorry if i am wrong


via Welcome to gsm-tips

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