lundi 20 avril 2015

Cert File confusion? same IMEIs?

seems im not having much luck with samsungs, first i had to get my box repaired now other issues :P

as i understand it the process to unlock newer samsung devices is to root then erase/repair security then write cert, im doing this on a note 3 (N9005) there is no way to read the cert from it that i can see but i backed everything else up possible before i started and am using the cert file from the support section.

everything went ok as id seen in the videos etc online but now the phone is stuck with a different imei, when i press repair imei it just tells me to write cert again but that wont bring back my original imei and the file specifically states that you should not alter it, im assuming the hash below is from the imei, so do we have a generator or something to get the hash for the original or is the only way to leave the device with a wrong IMEI number (which i think would be illegal)

can someone please tell me what im missing here

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