lundi 30 mars 2015

8520 lcd dead reset

Best I've already killed two 8520 lcd reset by 100% operational arrive but make LCD reset red LED lights are only


Connecting, please wait

OS NV : 1984-2000

Hardware ID : 0x8C000F03

OS Version :

Pin :234b2cf8

Device: BlackBerry 8520 Curve[0x8C000F03]

Trying to connect phone

Please wait take a while...

MEP : MEP-04103-001

PRD : PRD-22578-049

Backup saved in folder backup...

Challenge RTAS Signature...

[5]Preparing to process...


Calculating succes...

Modifying Phone Data...

All Done.


Log saved to:


I already have software wipe nuke etc and still the same

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