lundi 30 mars 2015

BST-Samsung GT-I9505 unlock procedure fail on android 4.4.2 [ANSWERED]

I was try to unlock with standard procedure by Micro USB data cable and UART this model: Samsung GT-I9505 but the unlock software was finish with fail procedure because cannot recognize the firmware version. Here it is the report:

Scanning devices ... 1 found


Manufactory: SAMSUNG

Model: GT-I9505

Hardware: QCOM

Mode: normal

Checking environment ...

System Info

Display ID: KOT49H

System Ver: 4.4.2 REL

API Level: 19

Incremental: I9505XXUGNG8

Model: GT-I9505

Brand: samsung

Device: jflte

Platform: msm8960

Language: en

Rigion: GB

Device Info

SerialNumber: 253f6537

Hardware: qcom

Model: jflte

PDA Version: I9505XXUGNG8

Phone Version: I9505XXUFNC4

Bootloader ver: I9505XXUGNG8

Ril Hw Version: MP 0.901

Sales Code: O2I

Model ID:

Get Bluetooth info failed

Get WI-FI info failed

Network [1]: GSM IMEI: 357800053362655

Root Access: ROOTED

Time used : 4.2 s

I cannot find the report where he tell me cannot recognize the firmware modem version...

I try as well to unlock by code *#0011#but to the last line after you enter that code... I find IMEI CERTI: NA

Any solution?

Thx BST Team

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