dimanche 5 avril 2015

About migration ,account changes and new orders

Just to clear a few things up and help out a few people

All accounts will be migrated to the new site ,along with your credits , if your account has not been migrated yet email unlockking.net@gmail.com to have you account migrated to the new site and to get new api, they would need your username for the old site and username for new site ,you would also have to sign up on the new site as it is not a automatic process (sign up) but credit migration will be once you email this will all be explained when you email .make sure to put migrate account as a subject when you email ,

Email should look something like this

Please migrate old account / credits to new site

Old site username =

New site username =

Api requested for new site ?

**any other questions you may have**

Do not place orders on old site as they will not be processed or may have delays on old site , old orders will be processed but may take time on the old site , they also have stopped accepting payments on the old site, new site all orders will be answered in the respected time frame in the appropriate tool you used ,please when giving your client a time frame give a few extra hours (ex when i use a 1-24 hour tool i quote "1-36 hours but may be done sooner" to give a little extra time for delays)

The unlockking team is working hard to get everything back to normal , yes it is taking time but they are working hard to get everyone pleased and back up and running , any stuck orders also contact them via email or contact me or gulshan-iqbal we would be more then glad to try to help you,

The unlockking team is working around the clock to make this all happen with a larger support team and 18 hour days , please be patient and all will be back to normal soon

I myself have place 50-60 orders on new site and all is well , faster service, and great prices , new tools etc ,it pays off in the end to wait patiently

latest email encase some did not get it

"Unlockking.net very important news must read

Dear customers,

As we have mailed other day about server migrations many users have been migrated to new server if u still are missed please resend reminder email

we shall send u new server and move your funds to new site.we now stop accept payments in unlockking.net only use new server for new payments. and new orders users who are worried about old orders we are are here to inform that old orders on unlockking.net will be completed normal please contact us with username for server migration to make use of interrupted services

Best Regards

Admin Unlockking.net "

Hope this helps , any questions you have me or gulshan-iqbal will try our best to help you or you could email the support team and they will do their best to answer you in a timely manner ,if they do not respond back to you asap they are not ignoring you they are working hard to get new site and old site back to normal and answering support tickets and emails in a timely manner, this is a big process and does take time

thanks and hope everyone understands

I am not support but i am doing my best to help as much as i can during this time

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