mardi 7 avril 2015

best script make your unlock server with api: IMEISOFT

ImeiSoft it is a professional web application (in PHP language) for set up a IMEI SERVER on your domain also server brutefoce and LOGS's accounts, fully automatic


over 300 websites are using our PHP script on SPAIN , CANADA, ROMANIA, PERU, PORTUGAL , BOLIVIA....

Our software is NOT HOSTED unlike others, you will get all the files of PHP script for install freely in your domain. You will php script + installation manual + user manual


more info on or mail to


You can connect by API with other servers/soft

You can connect by API to codesk server

You can connect by API to all web using DHRU fusion

You can connect by API to UNLOCKBASE.COM server

You can connect by API to server

You can connect by API to

You can connect by API to all web using imeisoft

You can connect by API to

You can connect by API to

You can connect by API to


Get your own imeis server totally automated with connection API to suppliers

--Totally configurable from admin panel.Without programme or not design. Fast install

--Sell imeis of 3 methods, only to public customers, only acount resellers (with balance prepaid) or both types of customers (public + resellers)

--You can create rates personalized by client and by service . Also you can create rates depending on the value of customers recharges

--If you want active CONEXION API with supplier and conexion with other plataform/soft (fusion,ubox,serverfullunlock...)


+ Application FULL multi-lingual and multicurrency (defect is Spanish ,English and french) , You can add as many languages as you wish.

+ You can install it in the root of your domain as complete website , or as module in any directory you choose in your domain

+ Several template designs to choose colors / shape that best suits you. Choose and apply that easy. Can edit the CSS templates to

customize the colors of the text, etcc. to adapt to your web colors

+ Web design can apply differently depending on the type of customer, a design for public and another different for distributors(if you want)

+ Change icons for your web server with just one click . Up to 8 different models to select

+ All password are protected with encoding to increase safety , also emails and login of users are protected.

+ Configuration of multiple payment methods, including Paypal

+ Modules incluyed: Support tickets , Downloads, FAQ center, News , Mailing , Messages on screen , Advices..

+ Application upgradable with new modules and guaranteed support


General panel

Management of imeis

Account management

Choose icons for web

choose template/skin for web

Connection API with suppliers

Management services IMEI


Index page- mode select actived

Index page- mode table actived

Reseller menu (account prepaid)

Resumen of balance and imeis

Compare of rates depending on recharge

Record of balance very clear and detailed

more info on website or mail to

via Welcome to gsm-tips

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