vendredi 17 avril 2015

Beware Cheater SWEDEN GSM Selling 100% iCloud Clean IMEI Solution Skype: swedengsm

Hello guys

@ moulnisky Please read & press your tiger.

Sweden GSM was advertising iCloud Clean IMEI Solution 100% Success for sale.

& i was agree to pay 1700USD by mass payment.

After paid he is silent few hour!


Here he was sending invoices that's im not agreed.

Bcz, with invoices no one can do 100% clean IMEI, & this was very old solution before 8-9 Month, also i know about.

There is clear, instantly i said him to delete chat history bcz, i dont need the such of things.

Then he is silent a day, I saw him to talking on group but he ignored me to answer.

Bcz, simple like everyone, he want to play with me too.

And here still he is talking for it's 100% all clean IMEI

Enough time waited to get a good answer.

But he didn't.

Points to get my money back :

1. He have invoice for KPN, ATT, TMobile, USA Apple, 3uk, & MTN SA. So, there is no way to process other sold by iDevice. equal 05% Supported.

2. 100 more times answered me its support All clean IMEI 100%. But its not.

So, its my money right ?

I've called PayPal to hold the money, & they did it :).

Please tell him to refund the transaction & make him listed cheater,

Save peoples.

Best Regards


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