mercredi 1 avril 2015

Carlos Melton / Moosub Minhas aka BIG CHEATER

Cheater details:

Carlos Melton

Moosub Minhas


858-281-3036 x1

This guy first contact me offering USA T-Mobile iPhone unlock service, tested 1 IMEI then we start dealing, at first the service is not good as others but still working, later on I got bulk orders, so I sent him US$5000. Then service start get worse, delay, daily no IMEI done or only 1 or 2 IMEIs done.

Finally I cancelled all IMEIs from him, but he keep delaying to return my money, first few days he pay me little part around $800, the later 17 days only pay me $150.

Now he still owe me $1635, this guy daily say will send money today tomorrow but nothing.

At first he told me daily he earn 3k 4k and hiring people for unlock, now he can't even pay off his debt $1685, I have another friend sent him $7000, also stucked, Im not talking further for this, just want to disclose this to let others beware.

Chat record is too long as he daily fool me for paying back money for half month.

All record is here: - Viewing Paste FFw0UZbz

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