mercredi 8 avril 2015

Failed to repair IMEI Alcatel 1010x

Log below:

Baud rate: 115200

Release "Power on" button!

Baseband Processor: MT625A, HW Rev. A.01, SW Rev. 0.01

Serial number: 35A0F64C083FAAB8

Testing external RAM...4 Mb

Detecting flash...SPI, ID: 00EF4016-00000000

Flash size: 4 Mb, block size: 4 Kb

File system: 240 Kb @ 002C4000

Firmware: JRDHZ50M_11B_PCB01_gsm_MT6250_S00.MAUI_11B_W11_32_ SP_V12_F7

Hardware IMEI: Not found

Software IMEI: Not found

Repairing IMEI...Not found

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