lundi 6 avril 2015

g386f unlock error

Gathering phone info...

Collecting information. Be patient! Do NOT disconnect the phone!

Model: SM-G386F

Android Version: 4.2.2

Sales Code: ORO

PDA Version: G386FXWUANE2

Phone Version: G386FXXUAND1

CSC Version: G386FOROANE1

Board Platform: U2

Serial Number: R28F402LQQW

Imei: 351613061284936

Battery Status: 4.35V (100%)

Network Type: GSM


Storing image.

Reading image.

Preparing image.


Testing availability. Be patient! Do NOT disconnect the phone!

Appropriate serial port is not available.

Finished at local time: [04.06.15 16:57:11]

WorkID: 4592185

i have tried on different computers with two different coms and same problem


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