samedi 11 avril 2015

how to unlock LGVS930

how to unlock lgvs930 ???

i try to unlock but failed port busy


Lg-vs 930 unlock ok


Platform: LG Qualcomm

Selected port: COM11

Selected model: VS930

Reading info...Failed!

Port busy


Platform: LG Qualcomm

Selected port: COM454

Selected model: VS930

Reading info...OK

Mode: Normal

Model ID: VS93021B:ÿ[±¸

Firmware compiled date: Mar 13 2013

Firmware compiled time: 10:47:40

Firmware released date: Mar 13 2013

Firmware released time: 10:47:40

SW Version: VS93021B



Reading NVM...OK

Backup saved to "VS930_99000XXXXXXXXXXXX_05-11-2013_16-37-06.NVM"

Switching to Download mode...OK

Reading partition...OK

Reading security area...OK

Backup saved to "VS930_99000XXXXXXXXX_05-11-2013_16-42-18.SEC"

Analyzing security...OK

Switching to Normal mode...

Found model VS93021B at port COM454

Checking data...OK

Repairing NVM...OK

NVM succesfully repaired.

Phone successfully unlocked!

acutely he have done but how??

there is no any com port or any adb can any one plz tel me how can i do

or enable diag post ??

old post here

via Welcome to gsm-tips

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