mercredi 15 avril 2015

I would like some closure

Hack3r my friend I would like to have the chance of beeing or refunded or something to be proposed since I have bought FuriousGold LG Shark Tool Lite and due to the poor quality of the tool and for the server being down and also for the changes of your last statement I would like to have something ptoposed to have some closure.

Today I tryed another on LG that have in my hand and it gave me once again NO CODE good have merci since it is the majority of LG's I have gives me no code message and this one is a GD510 witch is already on WW Database.

Since it is not the first time nor the last and since I bought 50 unlocks and the six times I used it 3 were no code I would like to have this matter resolved.

This tool was supposed to be great and unfortunatly the result was quite the opposite.~

Hope to have news from you my friend

via Welcome to gsm-tips

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