jeudi 16 avril 2015

i337 repair imei Failed

Platform: Samsung Android

Selected port: COM10

Selected model: SGH-I337M

Detected phone model: SGH-I337M

Firmware compiled date: Fri May 2 21:24:14 KST 2014

PDA version: I337MVLUFNE1

CSC version: I337MOYAFNE2

SW version: Unknown

Phone IMEI: Unknown

Android version: 4.4.2 (KOT49H)

Cheking Root

Phone is Rooted

Reading security backup, please wait...

Backup saved as C:\Program Files\Octoplus\Octoplus_Samsung

\BACKUP\Security-SGH-I337M-16-04-2015_19-47-32-.asec file

Deactivating MSL...

MSL deactivate successfully

Phone will restart now. Please don't disconnect cable!

After phone being rebooted and powered on perform the following


1. Disconnect USB cable.

2. Wait 1-2 minutes.

3. Connect phone via UART cable to Box.

Connecting to phone, please wait...

Found phone on COM38

Phone connected successfully

Writing new phone IMEI...

IMEI successfully repaired.

To finish the operation, please restart the phone via phone's menu

(don't disconnect the battery!)

still nul/nul

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