mercredi 15 avril 2015

i9300i s3 neo imei repair step by step help

i have recive a new bst dongel today to repair imei on some mobile for i brick a few mounthago :d

i cant write supe imei with this can any one told me how i do this

here is my log:

Scanning devices ... 1 found


Manufactory: SAMSUNG

Model: GT-I9300I

Hardware: QCOM

Mode: normal


Download: Press Vol Dn + Home + Power

UART Cable Resistor: 523 K


1. Type *#0808# and set USB to AP.

2. Set "USB Settings" to "DM+MODEM+ADB".

3. Click "OK".

Cables: MicroUSB

Interface: Auto, Change UART when request

Read Info/Flashing/UserLock/Backup:

Cables: MicroUSB

Interface: Auto

Checking environment ...

System Info

Display ID: JLS36C

System Ver: 4.3 REL

API Level: 18

Incremental: I9300IXXUAND1

Model: GT-I9300I

Brand: samsung

Device: s3ve3gds

Platform: msm8226

Language: en

Rigion: GB

Device Info

SerialNumber: 14a098cd

Hardware: qcom

Model: s3ve3gds

PDA Version: I9300IXXUAND1

Phone Version: I9300IXXUAND1

Bootloader ver: I9300IXXUAND1

Ril Hw Version: MP 0.000

Sales Code: THR

Model ID:

Get Bluetooth info failed

Get WI-FI info failed

Network [1]: GSM IMEI: 356217060241668

Network [2]: GSM IMEI: 356218060241666

Root Access: No root

Time used : 2.9 s

Connect to device ...

Device Authentication ... communication failed

Please check:

1. choose the right port

2. some device UART need re-connect use each 30 seconds

Connect to device ...

Writing IMEI ... failed

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