mercredi 8 avril 2015

I9500 android 5.0.1 repair done


Selected model: I9500

Selected port: COM35 USB Serial Port

Selected port speed: 115200

Waiting ADB device...

Please, allow USB debugging on phone... OK

Reading phone info...

Model: GT-I9500

Android version: 5.0.1

Product code: GT-I9500ZWAINU

Phone version: I9500DDUHOA1

PDA version: I9500XXUHOAA

CSC version: I9500ODDHOA2

IMEI: Unknown

Phone S/N: RF1D553WV1X

Checking Super user right... true

Reading nv data... OK

Checking magic... OK

Running zTool, please wait... OK

Detected new type of security version 1

Calculating... OK

Writing nv data... OK

Rebooting phone... OK

Repair done

Done with Samsung Tool v.19.1

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