lundi 13 avril 2015

iphone 5 screen issue

Hi all,

Just after a bit of help advise re a repair I have carried out today.

Phone came in with a smashed screen, the screen worked as in visually but did not allow to swipe, input passcode etc. Also please note the power button does not work.

Screen was removed and new one fitted however nothing appears on the screen whatsoever. Does not even generate a dim light. Have put the screen on another handset and work fine (all functions including touch)

Disconnected battery from handset replaced screen and battery, held down all screen connectors to ensure they weren't coming loose but no joy.

I plugged the phone into the computer and iTunes appeared to pick up the phone prompting to input passcode on handset to access. Obviously with the screen not showing anything thats not possible.

Obviously first point of call would be reset (power and home button) however with the power button not working this is not possible at the moment. Does anyone think that all is required is a reset such as this? Has anyone had the issue where a new screen won't work until such a reset has been done?

Any other ideas, suggestions would be great.

Many Thanks,


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