dimanche 5 avril 2015

L90 d410 no imei no service problem

hi everyone.. im looking forward for ur help.. i bricked my device LG D410 i successfully unbricked my device with 4pda help..after flashed kdz file.. i dont see the imei number.. both imei numbers is blanked.. then..i searched lot of websites regards this issue..i found finally to fix imei issue with.. QPST tool.. i successfully inject first imei.. now i have a problem with second imei.. i dont know how to inject second imei.. IM looking forward for an awesome developer to fix my problem for my qualcomm device.. please help me. someone.. i have QPST tool installed with EFS professional tool also i have..i dont know how to do it..if someone help me means. it would be a great help.. thanks alot.. :confused:

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