jeudi 16 avril 2015

n7100 no product name/no power on after direct emmc with easy jtag

ok, after 3 month of eating raw sh*t with it i will share with all you guys my many conclusions:

my story:

got n7100 with dead emmc, i try to fix it with easy jtag but no luck, i replaced the n7100 emmc with one with i9300 firmware - this what i got back then,

i placed it the device turned on with sound but no display, nice!

i connected the easy jtag to th pinout and write rom1 and rom2. good!

at this point i notice that during the process i got "low voltage" warnings but everything goes fine so i ignored them.

try to turn on the device but nothing.... dead.

i did some research and i found that the resistance on r321 was inf. ok! replaced it with one from dead i9100 and the device turned on! yay! recovery mod! - display ok

BUT! no product name... :(

... i try to flush again rom1 and rom2, factory format, delete, recover EVERYTHING at every order... but nothing... still no product name...

(after i replaced r321, i stopped to get the low voltage warnings)

i tray to replaced to another i9300 emmc from the same supplier - no product name... from another supplier - no product name

buy another emmc with n7100 firmware - no product name.

n7100 firmware from another supplier - no product name. :confused:

at this point i suspected in the other resistors which i connect the easy jtag to.

i checked the resistance at the all resistors (on board) and the read of all of them was ok according the schematics, except from r319 which need to be 10k i got the read of 30k... i replace with one from i9100 and.... :eek:


i was so dumb not to check it ealier!!

so before you rip your hair off from frustration check the devil's R319...

because everything will go right except the product name...

these resistors are easley damaged.

hope i helped somebody.... cheers!:p

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