samedi 11 avril 2015

please give me sky A760S correct pinouts ??

i have sky vega A760S dead

i want to repair its boot and riffbox giving RTCK error

i think its boot repair pinouts are not correct

so please some body give me correct pinouts to repair this phone

[4/11/2015 8:51:43 PM] [START OPERATION_ID = RESURRECT]

[4/11/2015 8:51:43 PM] Open serial port...OK

[4/11/2015 8:51:43 PM] Connecting to the RIFF Box...OK

[4/11/2015 8:51:43 PM] Firmware Version: 1.37, JTAG Manager Version: 1.56

[4/11/2015 8:51:43 PM] Selected Resurrector: [Pantech A760S V1.0.4694.5878]

[4/11/2015 8:51:43 PM]

[4/11/2015 8:51:43 PM] Connecting to the dead body...ERROR

[4/11/2015 8:51:43 PM] ERROR: The RTCK Signal does not respond.

[4/11/2015 8:51:43 PM] [FINISH OPERATION_ID = RESURRECT]

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