jeudi 9 avril 2015

Success unlock TABLET Meo 2 - ZTE E8Q

Here´s how i have done :

Turn off the device;

In "GENERIC MTK select "manual" and select "Model Acer Z130"

Press "Direct Unlock" and wait for GB detect the device;

Unlock Done ;)

[09-04-2015 19:06:11] Connecting...

Reading info...

IMEI : 86414902xxxxxxx


Connected to server Ok

Checking GBKey...

GBKey Ok

Model : Acer Z130

IMEI : 86414902xxxxxxx

NW Lock : OPEN Code : 12345678

NS Lock : OPEN Code : 56781234

SP Lock : OPEN Code : 11112222

CP Lock : OPEN


Writing info...

Unlocked Ok

via Welcome to gsm-tips

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