vendredi 27 mars 2015

Desperate father needs help, Nin 3ds xl Shoulder triggers stuck but not really stuck!

Ok so the left trigger shoulder button is "like stuck" it doesn't feel stuck doesn't look stuck, ive taken it apart 4 times now. So i bought a new flex cable for the L trigger. Replaced it with a brand new one and its still like stuck, it feels perfectly normal and looks normal but in game its like its being held down which it clearly isnt.

So I unplugged both right and left flex cables from the mobo, ran a game and again without either flex cables for the shoulders (triggers), in game it was like the L was stuck again and just being pressed down. I even left both flex cables for L and R plugged in, but took apart the actual trigger mechanism so there would be no way for the trigger to touch the flex cable, again in game it was still like the L button was completely permanently pushed down which im confident 100% it isn't.

Whats my options here, and no please dont say send it to nintendo im a electronic handy man, whats broken and ill fix it? im just hoping its not the whole motherboard which wouldnt make sense to me.

Please someone help asap, I have a son who wont stop getting on my nerves

help a father out.

I dont want to send it to Nintendo to repair, a see on ebay I can find a whole new motherboard for his ds for about 40 bucks is that the direction im heading? is a part on the mobo bad?

Someone point me to a direction i can look at please, save me 180 dollars buying him a new ds, his 5 years old he is just gonna drop it a dozen times a day.

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