dimanche 29 mars 2015

Easy Wipe ROM

Easy Wipe ROM

software pack:

*one click pattern lock remover on android tablet

*one click fix android tablet hang logo

*one click reboot into recovery

*one click reboot into fastboot mode

*one click wipe data fastboot mode [pwede sa mga china phone]

*adb driver include


this will be applicable on unit with enabled adb on settings

How to Perform Wipe?

*connect phone into USB/PC

*install drivers if needed

*go to device manager if adb driver must be installed properly

*open Easy Wipe Shell

*press Exit Pattern Lock [ cmd command will be display blink ]

*press reboot device and your done.

How to Perform Wipe China Phone wihout Reset Combination?

phone needs to turn into fastboot mode [volume up + power]

*connect phone to USB/PC

*install drivers if needed

*press fastboot erase

*press reboot fastboot


via Welcome to gsm-tips http://ift.tt/1D5cvyZ

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