vendredi 27 mars 2015

Error unlock zte Z432 movilnet venezuela

--------- 2015-03-27 17:12:49 ---------

SigmaKey 2.10.01 Qcom: Direct unlock

ZTE Handset Diagnostic Interface (COM89), Provider: ZTE Corporation, Driver ver.: 1.2050.1.1, Date: 04/08/2008, USB\Vid_19d2&Pid_0010&Rev_0000&MI_01

Version: VENE_Z432V1.0.4B01-DS, VENE_Z43

Firmware: VENE_Z432V1.0.4B01-DS

Date: Nov 1 2014 01:19:14, Feb 02 2012 18:00:00, KPSZL

IMEI: 864767021716583

Bluetooth address: 907400A355D8

Phone model: ZTE Z432

Detecting flash...JSFBAC2N72ABB, ID: 000100BA

Flash size: 256 Mb, page size: 2048

Reading security block...

Not found

Please send

D:\Documents and Settings\Xavier Bello\Mis documentos\SigmaKey\temporary backup\864767021716583_VENE_Z432V1_0_4B01-DS (1).skb

file to

Unsupported phone model

either on or off gives me this error ..

via Welcome to gsm-tips

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