vendredi 27 mars 2015

Error unlocking Galaxy Core

Hi, i'm trying to unlock the Samsung Galaxy Core I8260 and i get this message

Gathering phone info...

Collecting information. Be patient! Do NOT disconnect the phone!

Model: GT-I8260

Android Version: 4.1.2

Sales Code: XEC

PDA Version: I8260XXAML3

PDA/CSC Version: I8260XXAML3/I8260XECANA1

Phone Version: I8260XXANA1

Phone HW: MP 0.801

CSC Version: I8260XECANA1

Baseband Version: 8X25-SSOSKOLYM-2035

Board Platform: MSM7627A

Cal Date: 2013.11.15

FW Release Date: May 07 2013

FW Release Time: 14:00:00

FW Compilation Date: Jan 3 2014

FW Compilation Time: 00:35:50

Battery Status: 3.78V (12%)

Network Type: GSM


Entering stage 1.

Attempt failed.

Entering stage 2.

Entering stage 3.

Entering stage 4.

Attempt failed.

Unable to unlock.

Finished at local time: [03.27.15 18:09:23]

WorkID: 4505259

I deleted the S/N and IMEI for safety.

I'll be waiting for a solution please.


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