lundi 23 mars 2015

Ever heard of this?

Hello people, I am a complete newbie when it comes to anything GSM.

Last year, I was offered through a friend of a friend, a sim card I could buy that was 'Unlimited'. It wasn't really unlimited, when you phoned up to check your balance it stated your available credit was £24,000, so virtually unlimited.

I remember for some reason someone mentioning they was linked to westminster council, I think that is the voicemail greeting that came with the sims.

Now, no one round here can get hold of them anymore, so I missed out big.

My question is, is this a well known hack? Making simcards unlimited/have huge amounts of available credit? Until I saw these sims working for myself, if someone told me about one I would of called them a liar.

Any help/advice would be much appreciated.

Also, sorry if this is in the wrong area of the board, I wasn't sure where to post but guessed it went here.

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