vendredi 20 mars 2015

GT-S7562 flash done nck box

S7562 strack logo and down key broke but nck box have reboot Downloading mode and recovery:)

Model Selected: GT-S7562

Start Detect device.

Device detected OK: COM39


Get PIT for mapping..

PIT Saved to: backup\samsung_pit\GT-S7562_samsung_pit_1.pit

Firmware update start..

Loading: boot.img, wait.

Processing: boot.img

Loading: cache.img.ext4, wait.

Processing: cache.img.ext4

Loading: fat.bin, wait.

Processing: fat.bin

Loading: hidden.img.ext4, wait.

Processing: hidden.img.ext4

Loading: recovery.img, wait.

Processing: recovery.img

Loading: system.img.ext4, wait.

Processing: system.img.ext4

Resetting, wait until phone restart.

Total Time: 00:06:45

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