mercredi 11 mars 2015

Help GT-S7562 no repair imei


Turn-on the Phone Goto 'Settings > Application > Development'

And Check 'Usb Debugging' Then Connect Usb Cable To Phone And Install Needed Driver.


Prepairing ...OK

Device Found!

Reading Phone Informations ...

Model : GT-S7562

Android Version : 4.0.4

PDA Version : S7562XXBMJ1

CS Version : S7562DBTBMJ1

Phone Version : S7562XXBMJ1

S/N : R21D34NJK6H

Checking Root ...OK

Phone Root OK. Continue..

Prepairing Phone... OK

Disabling Security ...

Cant Found Parameter(1)!

Security Data Seems Crippled Already.

Disabling Security ... Done!

Rebooting... OK!

Delay 60 Seconds...

Searching for phone ... Phone Found On COM26

Reading Data from phone...

PDA/CSC Version : S7562XXBMJ1/S7562DBTBMJ1

Phone Version : SW VERSION :None

HW Version : MP 0.500

Cal Date : 2013.03.14

Build No : 76XXU-USNSKOLYM-2055

IMEI (1) : 352035056917236

IMEI (2) : 35298605691723

Writing IMEI(1)...OK

Writing IMEI(2)...OK

Reseting ... OK

If Phone Not Restart Please Do it yourself to Apply Changes

Operation Completed

Operation Time: 00:01:28

>>Restart the phone and imei remains the same

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