vendredi 27 mars 2015

I9250 imei repair error

hello i need repair imei in i9250 but in the last steep box dont detect phone whit software version 1.8.6, now have 1.9 and have this error:


Plataforma: Samsung Android

Puerto seleccionado: COM1

Modelo seleccionado: GT-I9250

IMEI antiguo: Unknown

IMEI nuevo:

Put phone in Download Mode: "Volume down" + "Power button" keys, and connect USB cable.

Phone found.

Escribiendo la sección EFS...

Critical error has encounted. Error message: Access violation at address 007D4712 in module 'OctoplusSamsung.exe'. Read of address 000003E8


Plataforma: Samsung Android

Puerto seleccionado: COM179

Modelo seleccionado: GT-I9250

Searching for a phone. Please wait...

Phone found.

Fecha de creación del firmware: Mon Nov 21 16:28:04 KST 2011

PDA version: I9250XX_FAKK6

CSC version: I9250OXXKJ2

Versión del SW: Unknown

IMEI del teléfono: Unknown

Android version: 4.0.1 (ICL23D)

i make this steeps

1- Flash gt-i9250_for_imei_repair

2- Make Repair using OMAPFlasher

3- Re Flash gt-i9250_for_imei_repair

4- Make imei repair but dont finish when conect uart cable, i try diferents cable.

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