jeudi 12 mars 2015

iCloud Clean, How do they do it??


I have signed up with pretty much all of the online companies for unlocking and iCloud removal. I do however not understand how some retail stores are able to offer iCloud removal from $40-$70 per device.

( just an example of one that offers these prices.

I understand there are the "clean" or not blacklisted and the stolen ones..but even than I get pricing that ranges from the cheapest $100-120 till 200+. I mean for that money you might as well buy a new device.

I buy cellphones for export (iPhone only) and have always steered clear from the iCloud locked ones...but it would be a waste to leave it when pricing "appears" to have been coming down.

Anyway if someone has better pricing that does not require me to wait half a decade...(I am patient an dont mind waiting a week or even 2). Hit me up via PM.

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