lundi 16 mars 2015

iPhone 4S screen looks wet ****ty

Any help is much appreciated. I have a CDMA white iPhone 4s 16GB that needed a new battery. Aside from that, my wife was also having problems with the + - side volume buttons, volume would keep increasing and even after hitting the lower volume - key, magically the phone would keep increasing the volume back to full volume. I am very technical, do IT support for a living, great at soldering, breakdown, repair, etc. I replaced the battery in my own black 32GB iPhone 4s then with no issues and then worked on my wife's. I used electrical contact cleaner to lightly spray the + - side volume buttons with the hope of fixing her volume issue. I also had compressed air to **** out excess cleaner and dry quickly. I also loosened and then re-tightened the screws around the volume assembly. Go figure, volume issue fixed but now the screen looks all blotched and wet looking. I took apart again and cleaned with rubbing alcohol, I then completely removed the board, cleaned in alcohol, dried with compressed air, same issue. Cleaned the contacts on the video ribbon one final time, same problem. See photos, any ideas how to fix, clean, or what to buy is much appreciated. Phone works great, screen just looks like ****, help! :o)

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