jeudi 26 mars 2015


Good evening,

I am appealing to anybody who may have information in regards to the Sćhipor family, Cristian, Alex or Lavinia. If you are not familiar with their latest scam 'LTCGear' you can read up on it on litecointalk or bitcointalk, just search 'LTCGear'.

The information given will be used in full confidentiality, this is no joke.. He owes/has taken upwards of $5,000,000 which increases on a weekly basis. Just to a note as to how cruel this process has been for customers of LTCGear since December he has been pushing back ETA's on a weekly sometimes daily basis, he has really ****ed up a lot of people's routines/lifes.

ANY information leading to Cristian or Lavinia will be rewarded in Litecoins/Bitcoins as a bounty if our money is recovered.

Feel free to contact me either on here or;

litecointalk - Username: Jayke

bitcointalk - Username: JaykePC

Email: jaykevirtual (at) gmail (dot) com

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