samedi 14 mars 2015

N7000 cant repair EFS

Detected dead body ID: 0x4BA00477 - CORRECT!

Set I/O Voltage reads as 2.80V, TCK Frequency is 8 MHz

Settings Code: 0x26010B00000000400000000001402000

Resurrection sequence started.

Establish communication with the phone...OK

Initializing internal hardware configuration...OK

Uploading resurrector data into memory...OK

Starting communication with resurrector...OK

Detected an Initialized FLASH1 Chip, ID: 0x0015/0x0100 (VYL00M, 0x0003AB400000 Bytes = 14.68 GB)

Detected an Initialized FLASH2 Chip, ID: 0x0015/0x0100 (VYL00M, 0x000000080000 Bytes = 0.50 MB)

ERROR: Main data file size is less than requested to flash to main.

plz how it will fixed it ??

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