jeudi 12 mars 2015

s3850 repair imei done

try with other box but got error

try medusa easy repair done

Medusa JTAG Firmware version 1.1.0.

Medusa JTAG Hardware S64 revision C.

Detected TAP ID: 07926F0F, IR Length = 4.

JTAG speed : Auto (RTCK).

VREF level : 3.2 V

CPU : Broadcom BCM2133

Core ID : 07926F0F

Flash device: Samsung OneNAND KFH2G16Q2M

Flash ID : 00EC0040

Page size : 2048 bytes

Block size : 64 pages (128 Kb)

Block count: 2048

Flash size : 256 Mb

Write protection disabled.

Opening "C:\Program Files\GsmServer\Medusa\Firmware\SAMSUNG_GTS3850_Re" file...

Writing BOOT section. Please wait... Done

Writing UPCH section. Please wait... Done

Repairing IMEI... Done


Repair done.

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