mardi 24 mars 2015

S5830 emergency mode

Hi there,

Its not only problem with s5830 but also with all other Samsung and lg phones.

Sometimes there is no communication between Samsung tool and phone.

When I try to read info or choose any other operation Samsung octopus tool tries to connect to phone on specific port and shows error msg :''phone connection failed'' and mode: Emergency.

Platform: Samsung Anycall

Selected port: COM17

Selected model: GT-S5830

Phone was not found on the selected port!

Searching for USB diagnostic port...

Connecting to phone on COM16

Detected phone model: GT-S5830

HW Version: GT-S5830OKAH3G

Phone IMEI: 357655-04-540376-3

Phone connection failed

Connecting to phone on COM17

Mode: Emergency

Right now I have 10xs5830 to unlock. Three of them are done. All other don't want to connect. I know its gone work later but it is a little bit annoying. Is there any solution for that?

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