mardi 17 mars 2015

Samsung C3322i phone lock success z3x 10000%

Selected model: C3322I

Selected port: COM8 Z3X BOX Serial Port

Selected port speed: 921600

Checking phone at COM8... OK

Reading phone info...

Model: GT-C3322i

Country code: INS

Factory SW: C3322iDDMI2_ODDMI2

Unique number: 27291157176430

Memory phone: K521H12ACH(C3322I)S

Software version: C3322iDDMI2/C3322iODDMI2

IMEI: 35936205020632

Reading phone lock... OK

Phone lock: 4836

Done with Samsung Tool v.18.8

use c3303k uart cable.........

via Welcome to gsm-tips

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