samedi 14 mars 2015

Samsung g530H unlock done by Z3x

World First in Esay step

Samsung G530h Cert file write Done with Z3x box

image hosting 30 mb

step 1 , ur set go on Download mode and conect cabal

Step 2 , tick to Efs reset and start to Flash

after this procecc ur set is on condtion

now press in mobile *#0808#

and select last option adb+modem+...

now conect ur set in pc

and select mobile port no z3x serial port

Step 3,now press Wipe efs

after this procecc ur set is sown imei is /01

step 4, write Cert fiel

and then last procecc

Step 5, write Qcn file

but dont forget first ur set is rooted


Akash Bilal

via Welcome to gsm-tips

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