lundi 9 mars 2015

Sony Xperia Z2

Hi there, I have a sony Z2 and the screen was damaged, the phone was left on the side still on as I couldnt rreplace straighht away, i was still hearing notifications, it was left like this for about a week, I replaced screen and then this is the situation i am having now -

1-when on charge - constant red light. hold on and vol up = vibrates

2-when unplugged from charger - no light, press power button red led flashes 3 times then stops, hold power and vol up = vibrates and flashes.

If i disconnect battery and have plugged in i get a large empty bettery symbol with lightening bolt above it on the screen so I know screen is working.

when i plug into the pc my computer chimes when plugged in but computer cannot find it, if i use pc companion it cant find it even by holding vol down whilst connecting it doesnt find it.

I really thought this would be a battery issue as the phone was working fine even after screen cracked, My understanding is where i went wrong was leaving it to discharge. I have read so many things about hold this button and hold that button but It seems with all the fixes online that its more a case of pot luck. I have some importatant information on this phone so I would ideally like to do what i can to restore it if thats a possibility.

Has anybody else had similar issues? is my understanding right that this is most probably because i left it to drain down? Is there any light at the end of the tunnel for this Z2 ???

any help would really very much be appreciated and compensated if I am able to sort it so please if there is any body who may be able to help then please reply or contacvt via my email..

thank you in advance

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