mercredi 25 mars 2015

strange problem in landvo L100 model

I have a android 4.2.2 based landvo L100 mobile. there is a strange problem. battery gets discharged of its own without any use slowly and slowly and phone gets switched off. then when i connect charger no response from the phone at all.

then I have to charge battery externally to power on the phone.

After switch on, charging occurs smoothly upto 100% but again same it gets discharged of its own slowly and slowly.

some other info:

1. battery is 100 % ok as I have 2 phones of same model and battery is working fine in other phone.

2. I have replaced micro usb charging jack but still no luck.

3. other phone shows charging when connected in switched off state.

So please help me what can be the hardware issues that i should check?

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