lundi 16 mars 2015

UFST Samsung Build 58 Released 17-3-2015

V build 58



New Products added (More than 1000 models incl.: A3,A5,A7,E5,E7,J1,SHV)

Revised Algorythms for Korean Models (SHV, SHW)

Improved CP-EFS Wipe Schema for new models.

More Models can Readout Cert [Read E2P] (BroadCom, Sams-Shannon, SPRD, Renesas)

Direct Unlock of BroadCom, Marvell, Sams-Shannon, SPRD, STE, Renesas based Models.

See Separate Document for Android Models Details.

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X:\Program Files\SarasSoft\UFS\Documents

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