mardi 24 mars 2015

Unlock bootloader P7-L10 with OEM unlock code

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This guide purpose's is to obtain an OEM code to unlock our P7-L10 bootloader. I've tested myself on my P7-L10 with b609 EMUI 3.0. I did this guide because I was looking for and official way to do it and my device bootloader was yet locked.

First of all you must go to


Select smartphone as product type.

Select any of the listed devices.

Right click on the selection box and select Inspect element (in Google Chrome).

Expand the hightlighted element in text editor and search for the device you have just selected.

Replace both value and inner text attributes with HUAWEI P7-L10. (Ex. <option value="HUAWEI C8812">HUAWEI C8812</option> should be <option value="HUAWEI P7-L10">HUAWEI P7-L10</option>)

Fill Product S/N and IMEI with your device numbers. You can find them on your devices box.

On the phone dialer, type *#*#1357946#*#* to get your Product ID and fill the last textbox with this number.

Enter the verification code and click Submit.

Your unlock code should be now displayed right below Submit button.

Next you have to do is enable usb debugging on your device. Then, enter bootloader mode by typing adb reboot bootloader in command prompt. Type fastboot oem unlock unlock code in command prompt and you're done. Now you can reboot your device by typing fastboot reboot on command prompt once again.


BEST THANKS for forum.

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