jeudi 26 mars 2015

Updating to version 5.0.1 I9505 lollipop Chimera

Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505


[Firmware update started.]

Checking firmware presence...

Firmware version: I9505XXUHOB7/I9505BTUHOB4/I9505XXUHOB7/I9505XXUHOB7

Firmware version friendly name: Lollipop(Android 5.0.1)

Firmware already ready to use.

Preparing firmware...

Preparing firmware: I9505XXUHOB7_I9505BTUHOB4_I9505XXUHOB7_HOME.tar.md5.

Processing firmware...

Checking and untaring firmware...

Untaring sbl1.mbn.

Untaring sbl2.mbn.

Untaring sbl3.mbn.

Untaring rpm.mbn.

Untaring aboot.mbn.

Untaring tz.mbn.

Untaring boot.img.

Untaring recovery.img.

Untaring system.img.ext4.

Untaring modem.bin.

Untaring NON-HLOS.bin.

Untaring cache.img.ext4.

Untaring hidden.img.ext4.

Flashing firmware...

Waiting for download mode.


Reading PIT.

Flashing sbl1.mbn.

Flashing sbl2.mbn.

Flashing sbl3.mbn.

Flashing rpm.mbn.

Flashing aboot.mbn.

Flashing tz.mbn.

Flashing boot.img.

Flashing recovery.img.

Flashing system.img.ext4.

Flashing modem.bin.

Flashing NON-HLOS.bin.

Flashing cache.img.ext4.

Flashing hidden.img.ext4.

Restarting phone.

Finished successfully.

Finished at local time: [03.26.15 12:12:28]

WorkID: 4489993

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