lundi 23 mars 2015

Xpad q5

Hi volcano teams.

Cant' reset gmail pattent in my phone xpad q5 Analysis flash internal data fail.

Here is log

Detection initiated...

Vcc: null

Gnd: 5

Analyzing D+ and D-...

D+ = 3, D- = 2

Analyzing USB device, please wait...

Find USB device:SCI USB2Serial (COM16), (VID_1782&PID_4D00)

Internal version: SPRD3

Boot downloaded.

Start boot please wait a moment....

Spreadtrum Boot Block version 1.1

Boot downloaded.

CPU TYPE:SC8810/6820 [88100040]

Flash ID: 009800BC90667600

Flash Type:[TOSHIBA] TYBC0A111236KC10

FLASH LEN:0x20000000

mtdparts=sprd-nand:256k(spl),1536k(2ndbl),256k(params),512k(vmja luna),9m(modem),3840k(fixnv),3840k(backupfixnv),51 20k(dsp),3840k(runtimenv),10m(boot),10m(recovery), 230m(system),160m(userdata),60m(cache),256k(misc), 1m(boot_logo),1m(fastboot_logo),3840k(productinfo) ,512k(kpanic)

>>Analysis flash internal data fail.

Thanks in advance;)

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