samedi 14 mars 2015

z2 charging problem

My phone turned instantly dead with red LED coming on. I put it on wall charger and was able to restart after 4 hours of charging.

After disconnecting the phone from charger the phone went into a bootloop showing Sony Logo and black screen. Forced shutdown and was able to power on phone.

Now this happens:

My phone keeps waking the screen when it is being charged (the screen timeouts and turns off before being turned back on again after a few seconds, showing the lock screen), even after i switch back to the standard USB charging cable (charging directly to the microusb port). I have checked developer options and keep screen awake when charging is not ticked so that's not the problem. Turning off screen using power button brings up lockscreen.

Additionally, my phone is not able to be switched off. When i switch off, it will enter into a sort of bootloop where the phone will spontaneously turn itself on showing 'Sony' screen > black screen and it repeats this cycle. The phone can however be turned back on during this bootloop if i press and hold the power button while the screen is black.

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