vendredi 10 avril 2015

Acatel 4037n wrong code

All wrong code alcatel 4037N

Calculation Data

Phone Selected : Alc. OT-4037N

Phone ID : 4037N-2BE4US1

Phone Imei : 01406000000000

Nck Code : 3390215604

Nsck Code : 3927851476

Spck Code : 0778218640

Cpck Code : 1141704818

Cck Code : 2488826193

Pck Code : 0941526861

Insert Not supported Sim In The Phone

Power ON

Type You Code in Keyboard

Press OK Key

Calculated Codes...OK...

---- IMPORTANT ----

If phone not accept NCK, sometimes must be resetted

A) Press VOLUME UP + POWER ON (at same time)

B) Press KEY # + POWER ON (at same time)

C) Press VOLUME DOWN + POWER ON, select CLEAR EMMC and press HOME

If the phone requests unlock code

Insert the original sim

Power ON

Type ###765*08#

Select Network Unlock and enter Nck

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