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discussion about iphone 6/6+ error 53 and errors 9/14/21/40/4013/4014

Hi guys, as we know the iphone 6/6+ come out with many strange errors. base on my knowledge and its may not complete about those problem but let take some discussion about it.

A. Error 53

its could be some reasons for that:

1. It may be software problem ==> just simply restore it with ORIGINAL HOME FLEX(TOUCH ID), without Simcard inserted and try with different mode (DFU, recovery)

2. The HOME FLEX (TOUCH ID) is not ORIGINAL ==> no solution :D

3. The BASEBAND IC was damaged or was replaced ==> you have to replace full unit in ONE SET of " BASEBAND IC + EMMC + CPU A8 + HOME FLEX (TOUCH ID) " :D

4. It has some problem with the PCB ==> just DOWNLOAD the picture then try to do step by step. ( thanks to the person who has found this solution for us to follow :) )

B. about errors 9/14/21/40/4013/4014

I have done a lot of iphones 6/6+ getting such errors with the phone keep restarting at red screen :D. it is the "EMMC" problem, to fix solve it you need to remove the EMMC and recovery it with a special device. this device cost about 2000 USD and i cannot public the name here, if you guys interest about that you can send me private message then i will help you to purchase ( notice: I am not using the post to advert the device here for sell, just the solution you must know and i have done when facing at same problem )

finally, thanks for reading all of this, hope you guys will share with me your opinions to complete about those errors!

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