mercredi 18 mars 2015

screen mirroring/inverted tab A13

hai, i need ur help, guys.

1. i got a a13 tab and the condition is error. in the menu, always see "unfortunately com.blablabla stop responding"

2. then i reset with recovery mode, but nothing gonna change. i wanna to flash it, but the usb tab can't connect to computer (still can charging). then i service the usb way.

3. the first problem after that, lcd white blank. i soldering one by one the way of lcd flexyble. everything gonna right.

4. so i flash my tab, but my tab bootloop. i reset it, still same.

i flash again with another firmware, my tab turn normally but the screen mirroring.

5. i flash with original rom backup, but the screen still mirroring. also with another firmware with the same serial.

i think this hardware problem. but i don't know should i do.

any one can help me? please.


this is screenshoot of my tab

via Welcome to gsm-tips

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